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What do you run on your WHS and why ?


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On 7/30/2014 at 9:44 AM, Joe_Miner said:

Stablebit DrivePool & Scanner works for me also.


Why?  I assume that it's not a question of if but when I have a major system(s) failure and the ability to pull the drives and read them on another machine in NTFS format is a BIG safety factor IMHO (yes, I do back up all my critical data but a layered defense is the best defense) along with data/folder duplication.  Scanner provides even more resilience by alerting me to drives are approaching failure BEFORE they fail so I could take action about it.  That's how I was able to address a cluster of 6 ST3000DM001's that failed on me over a 4 month time period without any loss of data!  Alex (the developer of Stablebit DrivePool & Scanner) is a God, IMHO, after that episode.

Stablebit Scanner saved my bacon again when the last of the 13 Segate ST3000DM001's that I bought back in 2012 & 2013 finally failed. The one that recently failed I had first installed on 7/18/2012.  Scanner warned me a few months ago that it was starting to show signs that would indicate future failures. I had installed this in my main desktop computer.  Because of the Scanner warnings I kept it backed up very frequently but left it in to see how long it actually failed. Last night was my answer! Replaced it easy peasy about an hour ago without any data loss. Will set about destroying the old ST3000DM001 tomorrow.

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keeping in line with the original topic, on my Essentials I have some shares and client backup, and dns to keep Essentials happy. Other crap like opennms, geniusvision, and any other vm-type stuff I would do on my other server. I know that ups the power costs but it fits the KISS principal. When it comes to patch time, I can reboot my Essentials server without futzing with the other stuff and it will pretty much take care of itself. The bare metal client restore has saved my bacon a few times, and client file restore was useful when my son's motherboard failed.


I have stablebit scanner on  both of my servers. I set it up when I found some bit rot had sneaked into my music collection. so far so good.


As far as N54L goes, once I got a machine with Xeon CPU it was clearly time to demote N54 to a lesser role. While the hot swap feature is nice (when you "upgrade" the firmware), that turns out not to be a big deal for my situation. I also avoid large RAID volumes as they take too long to rebuild.

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