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My N54L/WHS 2011 setup and Data Migration.


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Over the last week I've been setting up my new N54L, WHS 2011 is installed, Eset NOD32, two 3tb WD Red's and a single 4tb WD Red drive. I've installed the two 3tb drives as single 2794gb partitions and the 4tb I've left split as 2040/1685gb.


My servers main use will be to stream 2.1tb of lossless music I've ripped to FLAC from my CD's to various Squeezeboxes around my house. This is done at present by a EX475 running WHSv1.


As music is it primary use I plan to have the music folder on one of the 3tb drives and for security mirror the drive to the other 3tb drive. The remaining 4tb drive will then be used for everything else, computer backup's, a few films, documents etc.


I have also installed a USB 3.0 card in the N54L and plan to back up the shared folders including the music to an external drive which will be kept off site.


Is there anything you would suggest I do different to the above?



I've also now got to the stage where I need to transfer the music from the EX475/WHSv1 to the N54L/WHS 2011 and I would welcome some advice as to how best to achieve this. Can I use something like SyncToy to duplicate my music folder from the shared music folder from one to the other, or is there a better method?


Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to offer some advice.



Carl :) 

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Basically any Sync program is going to work.  What you need to remember is that it's not the amount of data so much as it is the number of files.  5000 files comprising 2TB of data will take much longer to copy than 500 files making up 2Tb of data.


I'm just more persuaded to use PowerShell or a script.  One less thing to install and patch/update.  Besides, it'd free!

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I like the Allway sync idea -- you could use that to run your systems in parallel until you have the N54L as reliable as you like.


I would get another 4TB Red and mirror the 4TB's together giving you 2 mirrors: 1 3TB mirror and 1 4TB mirror.  I assume you're running the os off of a separate drive -- if it's the stock 250 you could run the OS off the ODD SATA without the need to flash the bios and free up the entire cage for your data drives.


You may find some other ideas in the links starting at http://homeservershow.com/a-first-time-build-with-windows-home-server-2011-and-hp-proliant-n40l-microserver-part-i.html

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I've just checked, there's  107,267 Files, 9,369 Folders, 1.91 TB (2,104,006,267,116 bytes)


I guess it's going to take some time :o


Unfortunately I've only ever heard about Powershell so wouldn't have a clue how to use it :unsure:


I'll check out Allway Sync, I assume it's a better sync program than SyncToy?


I appreciate its going to take some time, I'm away for a few days over Christmas so I was hoping to set it off syncing whilst I was away and thus not using either server.


Thanks for the help


Joe, the OS is on the original 250gb drive, I've chosen to mirror the music file because it's the main purpose of the server and it took me nearly a year to rip all my CD's so I don't want to repeat that again.




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If you have access to an eSATA or USB3 docking station you could shut down you ex475 and use the method outlined:




to copy your data off of each individual drive (one-by-one) in your EX475 and loading the drives back into the EX475 after each one is copied -- Terra Copy is another good program you could use (have it set to verify each file copied and check for duplicates)

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Robocopy is another option.  Both Robocopy and Powershell are built in.  You have some time off this week, hopefully, spend two hours and study on the use of both.


Basically, the robocopy  tell the script to copy form a source to a destination (both network resources) 


Powershell would use the copy-item" commandlet  from a source to a destination.  There is nothing you can screw up with either as both are just simple copy mechanisms, just faster than a GUI based program.  As far as syncing, you can set the finial script to run as a scheduled task


Powershell reference:



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