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Hello, New to HSS Forums with a Vail Beta Question Regarding Streaming WTV


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Hi, just wanted to say hello. I discovered the HomeServerShow about 2-3 months ago and have enjoyed it every since. The podcast and these forums are a great resource.

I recently built my own server and have enjoyed streaming my movies in WTV format to my xbox 360, as well as backing up 1 desktop and two laptops to the server.

I have been reading up on the Vail beta and it seems like a great improvement over the original WHS.

My question is, will the Vail Silverlight player stream over the internet the WTV files? I have only backed up my DVDs so far but I intend to purchase a Ceton Tuner when that is available. I would love to be able to stream the WTV file work or where ever. The specs of the player don't indicate it plays WTV files.

Thanks in advance

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I do not "think" they have released the full list that will be supported but I am sure they will support a variety of video formats including the one you asked about.

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