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Modifications for a 15 drive N40L


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Flashed BIOS for 3Gb on ODD and multi port on the back esata connector


Samsung MMCRE28G8MXP-0VB 128 Gb SATA-300 SSD running Win7

connected to the ODD sata connector taped to the bottom of the chassis behind blue light

Rocket 2720 SGL Non-Raid controller running

channel 1

2 x 3Tb WD Reds (striped)
1 x 3Tb WD Green
1 x 2Tb WD Green
channel 2

4 x 320 Gb 2.5 Hitachi sata6Gb drives (striped)
ORICO PCI 2.5 inch SATA HDD SSD Hard Drive Rack Mount Bracket

Motherboard SAS connector

Icybox IB-2226StS 2x 2.5-inch SATA Mobile Rack (Pic 31)

2 x 500 Gb 2.5 Hitachi sata  3Gb drives (striped)
mounted on 2 Mecanno strips fixed to the casing above the Icybox (Pic 34 the RH fixing point is the screw behind the USB connections

2 Port Low Profile USB 3.0 USB3.0 PCI-E card (no additional power connector needed) (Etron Technologies Ltd)

2 x 2.5 drives connected to rear eSATA port for working multiport access.


For a total of  15 drives 1 x SSD, 4 x 3.5" drives and 10 x 2.5" drives (4 removable)


Went for NON Raid as all my backups are on external USB drives




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             I had to modify the 2nd HDD bracket so both would fit into the case it was too tall.

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Update on drive temps using Acronis drive monitor.


2 x 500 Gb 2.5" drives  27 & 28 º C


4 X 320 2.5" drives 29 º C


3Tb Reds 33 & 36 º C


2Tg Green 30 º C


3Tb Green 35 º C


4 X 320 2.5" drives 29 º C

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