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Missing Near-Site Backup


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Thanks for the insight. I've decided just to swap between 2 drives and be as responsible as possible vs adding that extra layer of complexity. Considering a third HDD that goes to a safety deposit box. Also have unlimited data for both Drivepop and CrashPlan so all my personal videos and family photos are being backed up to cloud.

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In my opinion any data that leaves your local site (house) must be encrypted. CrashPlan and most other cloud backup solutions will do that, of course. If you are going to use portable media of any sort (e.g. 4TB USB drive) then encrypt the content. I use TrueCrypt on two external drives and have had no problem with that. One goes to my desk at work, the other stays at home but is obviously portable so must be encrypted in case of theft.


I would call it "3-2-1-E" with the added E for encrypting anything portable or off-site.

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I've not yet figured out how to enable encryption on both of my external HDDs used in my daily WSE12 server backup rotation. Surprised that isn't an option in R2 or at least it should be.

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I've thought about encrypting my Offsite drives, but haven't done it. This is because the drives never leave my side while travelling and are in a secure room at the off site location. I'm looking at it again because things are changing with regard to the off site location and I may need to find another place.

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