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P222 temperature in Gen8?


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I've got a P222 in my Gen8, and iLO is telling me it's at 85 degrees - is this normal?


Looking at you, @LoneWolf... as I know you have a P222! :)

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85 C is what I'm seeing too.


I don't like it running that hot (even if it is within spec).  Has anybody considered placing a chipset fan on the existing heatsink, or even removing the factory sink in favour of an aftermarket fan/heatsink combo?


If anybody has their P222 handy, can you measure the hole-hole distance for the factory mounting holes?

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I was running about 70-71C.


When I replaced the VR's that were on the SDM (that's on the same side as the PSU and P222) with 2 WD10JFCX the avg dropped to 68C or less.




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I have my BIOS set to Increased Cooling so my fan speeds are never less than 36%


Here's some other temp studies that includes a series of runs at different BIOS settings and several people's successful use of add on fans and/or an active CPU cooler:



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Some quick test results:


Ambient T = 21C


BIOS Settings:


Optimal: Fan speed 18%, P222 85C

Increased: Fan speed 36-39%, P222 63C

Maximum: Fan speed 70%, P222 55C


It seems the "increased" BIOS setting brings the P222 into a much more comfortable range.  However, the extra fan noise is the trade-off.  I'm thinking a good solution might be an aftermarket Northbridge chipset fan mounted, or place in front of the P222's heatsink.  At least it's good to know that the factory heat sink on the card is sufficient for proper cooling within the tight confines of the microserver.

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