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Why this forum is great. My little server got a christmas present!


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2 weeks ago I made a post about the warning error that I had in ACU for B120i array. The error was about read cache. 

It seems that nobody could give me an answer if my server is defective or is something normal under particular circumstances. 


Schoondoggy, one of the veterans of this forum took out from his server the 16gb ram and put back the original 2GB module to try to reproduce the error. He reproduced the error.  It seems that the issue was because I had only 2Gb.


He send me his 2gb module and now I have 4gb, no error in acu and till now everything works like a charm. 


Thank you Schoondoggy and thank you guys for this wonderful community. 


When I'll upgrade the ram I'll do the same. 


best wishes to all, 












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The HSS Forums are, without a doubt, one of the very best forums on the web. People are polite, friendly, and helpful... what more could one ask?


TeoCiontu, that's exactly the kind of spirit I'm talking about.... pay it forward.... everyone benefits.

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