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What is your end of the year Home Storage Geeks Checklist?


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12 things you might have some time to do after Christmas dinner!


1.  Are your local drives still spinning?  Physical Check (Some Great deals in the HSS and TAG facebook group lately.  Best time to buy is usually now)


2.  Do an inventory of all your storage locations.  Are they all still working?


3.  Are your clients getting backed up?  Verify - Might be a good time to check AV? What have the kids installed?


4.  Are your cloud accounts still working?  What data do you have on them?  Do you know if they are all still in business?  Do you know which ones you have?


5.  Can you actually restore a file?  Can you restore from bare metal? Do a real test!


6.  Have you consolidated your pictures and videos?  Android to Google+ v Windows Phone to Skydrive


7.  Good time to get your documents in order and in a 2013 folder.  Do you need to scan them in?  Or do you just take a photo of them?


8.  Is the data that just needs to go away.  Just because you can keep it, doesn’t mean you should.


9.  Is the WIndows Home Server v1 getting a little long in the tooth?  Is it time for an upgrade to 2011 @ $40 - $50?  WS2012R2E is now $399 on Amazon as well


10. Check your UPS battery that is backing everything up as well as your computer batteries if the pcs are old.  What about your gadgets?  


11.  Look through your boxes of old equipment and recycle some of it.  Come on, you don’t really need that serial port to USB adapter, do you?


12.  Check with your friends and remind them to do the same


What do you check at the end of the year? Post your thoughts here!


We spent a little more time talking about this at http://theaverageguy.tv/2013/12/22/12-things-to-do-at-the-end-of-the-year-for-a-digital-health-check-ht148/

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#4. Oh don't even get me started on the shenanigans by Bitcasa lately. Received e-mail from them. We see you've had excessive activity on your 

account lately. My response, funny. Your program hasn't been installed on my PC in weeks. No response yet. Guess they're trying to

squeeze out the early adopters who still have the cheap plans. Not the ones that have increased by 1000-1200%.

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This ties in somewhat to Jim's  point #7


I clean up  my email accounts,  especially the "send" box.     Typically end up deleting  95 % of the messages I have kept holding onto for a year

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Delete E-Mail?  Archive it to a pst file and then start over again for the New Year.


And the most important one missed <drum roll>



Test your backups !!!!!

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End of the year, schmend of the year... it's just another date on the calendar. I do maintenance tasks throughout the year; that way it doesn't seem like such a burden :)

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In with #3 backups,

I have always kept client Images "just in case I couldn't do a full restore" so I update those this time for year.

My girls know they should keep all data on the server and I have swapped out all the client harddrives with small ssd's to make sure they don't have large amounts of data local, this also helps with backup speed, plus making the image is like 10 mins or less.

I keep all the images on a USB external with a 1 tb red in it.

I fire up Ghost 15 boot cd and image them all. Just in case, then keep a copy of all the images on the server, just in case.


I am not a cloud user so I use 4 tb non-pooled red drives to keep backups of my shares. Don't worry about the client backup database because I have the images.


Happy new years to all.


P.S. Love the podcasts, longtime watcher from mediasmartserver.net

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