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Lost my drives - server 2012 r2


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I am running Server 2012 r2 with Hyper-V.  It has 4 drives (all spinners).  One of the drives is partitioned in 2 portions, partition 1 is just for the main server system, partition 2 is used for all the VM system drives.  The other 3 drives are  set up "offline".  They are dedicated for my Server 2012e R2 VM.  A couple days ago, I got an alert on one of my other computers that I had a backup failure.  When I checked the server, the offline drives were not showing on the main machine (and obviously the VM crashed).  I have updated, rebooted, kicked, plugged and unplugged the drives.  They are spinning, but not showing up in either machine.  To make it worse, they are set up as a storage spaces pool in the VM.


I have 6 SATA inputs, and only using 4.  I have not tried to move them to different plugs on the motherboard, as I am not sure if this would cause any issues with the pool.


There is about 3TB of data across the drives, but (I think) all the data on the drives is backed up elsewhere, so it;s not the end of the world if all is lost.


Looking for advice on troubleshooting...  


Do I rotate SATA plugs?

I also have a N40L with Server 2012 essentials.  Can I put any (or all) the drives in it to see if it can read them (remember, they are VM drives running a storage spaces pool from a VM)?


Any other thoughts to see if I can recover the data?

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All 4 drives are showing up in the BIOS, but when I boot up Server 2012 r2, they dont show in the disk management.

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OK, the "(I think)" part of your backup sentence is scary. I really urge you to search these forums for 3-2-1 backup strategy. Another member just had his bacon saved by following this strategy.


If you can verify that you have a good backup, I would make a 2nd copy of the data (so you have 2 full backups), then wipe the drives that are giving you issues and try setting them up from scratch. And I suggest you not use Storage Spaces -- it just seems to have too many problems for my liking. You might look into one of the 3rd party drive pooling programs (DrivePool, DriveBender, PoolHD, flexRAID, etc.). The advantage is that the drives should always be readable in other systems.

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