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An error prevented the full system restore wizard from creating partitions on the computer you want to restore


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Hello HomeServerShow forum members, 


After years of backing up my PCs I have an opportunity to do a WHS2011 full restore. After experimenting with Win8 I'd like to restore to my last full Vista backup.


After booking from the system restore CD, everything seems to be working okay until I start the restore and am presented with this error message "An error prevented the full system restore wizard from creating partitions on the computer you want to restore."


Can't see this precise problem elsewhere on the forums, so any suggestions would be appreciated.





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This is from another thread, I think it may apply to your issue. Ikon brings up an anomaly I have run into as well. Sometimes you need to make the partitions for WHS 2011 :


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Posted 38 minutes ago

OK, at this point, I'm suggesting you try the 'trick' I use to do BMRs from my WHS2011 to my clients. I don't see why it should be necessary, but it might work.


What you need to do is connect your original OS drive and boot from it. Then, use Disk Manager to see all the partitions on the OS drive. Make a note of the size of each partition.


On the spare drive you're using to test the Restore, create all the partitions that are on the good OS drive. I would make each partition just slightly larger than the ones on the good OS drive, just to be safe.


Then, shut down, remove the good OS drive and try to restore to the spare drive again.

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Thanks for the tip schoondoggy, just the steer I needed. Earlier I'd installed win 8 on an old PC and wanted to revert to my last backup rather than buy a license key.


Turns out the whs2011 software couldn't deal with the two existing partitions on the target disk, even though they matched the back up perfectly. Confirming I wasn't using a clean/empty drive.


The work around I needed was to completely wipe the target disks no delete all partitions before the restore would work. Deleting a stubborn restore partition was a test, I needed some dedicated partitioning software rather then the windows 7 disk manager.


Restore is slowly progressing now and I'm hopeful of being able to use the PC later this evening.





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Remember to use DiskPart and no software is needed.


Are you talking about using the Clean command? If so, I've had issues with using it with SSDs: i.e. I still have to pre-create the partitions for the Restore to work. Just wanted to put that out there to cover all the bases.

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