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Virtualizing existing server setup


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Hi Guys,


I used VMWare workstation years ago and it was great fun. At the time there was a tool to convert existing hardware into images which you could run under VMWare Workstation.


Does such exist today, for use with either Windows Server hyper-v or ESXI.


I run a N36L and would like to 'save' keep my existing server and move it into a virtualized environment under my new gen8.


In short:

1. how do you convert a Windows server running on hardware into a virtualized server running either ESX or Hyper-V.



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Can take this a step further? Is it possible to take an n54L running WHS2011 physically, and migrate it to ESXi on the same physical machine but as a VM? (no ESXi on it yet) Or would I have to put ESXi on a dummy box and migrate, then copy the image back after a rebuild? I'm really trying to avoid re-activating WHS 2011 (maybe 2x) but maybe if i move, then move again i'll just get stuck with one phone call to uncle Bill.

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