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Hi guys,


I am new in town, but have stalking the gen8 links thread for a while.


I finally surrendered and have 16gb ram and a gen8 on my desktop now ! christmas is finally here :) :) 


Can anyone give me pointer on how to write a ESX image to a USB stick? I cant seem to get the windows 7 dvd/usb writer tool to work with the ESX 5.5 image, I just downloaded.



1. How did you guys make an bootable image?

2. Does upgrading CPU risk ESXI installation? (should i upgrade CPU before anything is installed, or is it safe todo later in the process)


Cheers from Sydney, Australia


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Do you mean copy an VMWare image to a USB stick?  It's just a file, copy it.


Good practice would tell you to create a folder and store your iso images on the ESXI server and boot from that folder.

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I had issues with bootable USB drives until I tried this handy tip:


"Press Shift+ O (not zero) when prompted early in the boot from cd process.


You'll see ">runweasel" in a little prompt area in the lower left of the screen.


Leave this in there, press space, then type in formatwithmbr and then press enter."

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I've installed ESXi several times from USB stick using a little freeware utililty called "RUFUS"  currently at Version 1.3.2 (google it) to write the image to the stick.


It will partition and write the USB stick correctly.  It will ask you to download a small file before the start of the write process....do this and then you can delete it after its finished.


I should also mention that you can install ESXi to the boot media after the system is started up.  Once everything is loaded into memory the install process does not use the USB stick any further so you can select your same USB stick to install the system therefore no need to have 2 usb sticks to get up and running.

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Hi Guys,


Its the first time I've had a true server bios, so I was kinda blown away by ILO and the remote mounting of images.


Its all good now and ESX is up and running.

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