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Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade Fiasco


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I realize I have a complex system with Windows 8 Pro, Hyper-V, StableBit DrivePool, two external CineRAID 4 Bay USB3 devices and a total of 13 Hard Drives. I did clone my system drive using Acronis TI 2014. FYI Boot from Acronis Boot Media before doing this or you will corrupt your MBR.


1)Tried to download from Windows Store but upgrade failed and was reverted back to original OS.


2)Tried using this trick http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57608376-285/how-to-download-the-official-microsoft-windows-8.1-iso/ Make sure you read the comment that tells you how to finish the job. This got all the way to the point where the final reboot installed some critical updates. No joy, blank screen and that was it. FYI I never made it to the final steps so I still don't know if it works.


3)Unfortunately, even when I uninstalled my system drive I still had corruption. Some of my Hyper-V VM's were missing from the list and the ones that were there had a corrupted configuration message when they were started. Luckily, I was able to rebuild my WHS 2011 VM without any problems.


4)File corruption on multiple hard drives in the system. Windows 8 Pro wouldn't quit nagging me about needing to be restarted to fix file system errors. Unfortunately, the errors weren't being fixed during reboot and when you selected restart from the action center it said, I don't have permission to restart. StableBit DrivePool was telling me everything was fine with the Pool. Event log had cryptic volume labels indicating file system errors. I couldn't access one of my Pools. Finally I found permissions were set incorrectly on the inaccessible Pool. Corrected permissions and Windows was able to fix file system problems.


Has anybody else encountered these types of problems or am I the only one crazy enough to attempt this?

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Yep, you're pretty much the only one crazy enough :D


Actually, I would love for you to call MS and describe your issues to them -- see if they're even willing to troubleshoot it. ;)

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