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N54L Onboard RAID and AHCI


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I just purchased an N54L and have installed the Bay's modded BIOS.  This was a painless process thanks to the pointers in this forum (a big thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years).  I plan on using Windows Home Server 2011 with a mirrored data drive and would like to have a hot-swappable drive available for backup purposes.


Using the modded BIOS and setting to AHCI this works perfectly as long as I create a software mirror using WHS.  If I set the drive mode to RAID in the BIOS in order to use the hardware RAID, I seem to lose the AHCI and the ability to hot swap.  The performance increase in using the onboard hardware RAID is substantial - especially on reads so if possible, I'd like to go that route.  At the same time, I'd really like the ability to hot swap a backup drive.


Has anyone gotten this to work and / or have some pointers?


thanks in advance for the help

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AHCI and RAID a mutually exclusive (i.e. it's one or the other; you can't have both at the same time). So, I don't think you can have hotswap with the onboard controller. You could get that ability by using a 3rd party RAID controller.

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