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Pioneer A3 speaker $79.99


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I had to tell you about this deal. I bought one of these about 6 months ago and it has been far better than my expectation for it. I bought it for what I thought was a good deal at $150, now its $79. It was on sale the Sunday after black Friday for $76 and I didn't get a post out in time. I thought it was such a good deal I bought 4 more, one more for the kitchen/rest of my house and 3 as Christmas presents for my parents and brothers. Its so easy to use and setup. I am a touring audio engineer and its one of the best sounding portable speakers I've ever heard. Its tuned by a famous speaker designer Andrew Jones, and isn't trying to compete with the bass heavy "beats" market. The mid range and low end sound far superior to anything that size I have heard. It is water resistant (splash resistant) so you could use it by the pool and not be an issue. You can also hold two buttons and the speaker becomes its own wifi hotspot if you are at the park or by the pool without wifi. It also has a normal 1/8" 3.5mm audio jack and has a usb port for ipod and iphones to play directly over USB. The only the that is weird about it is the rubber flaps that protect the ports on the back, but I leave them open when I use it inside. The battery life has been great and as long as you are in wifi range I have not had an issue with playback. It works on perfectly on Airplay. I have an Android so I end up stealing my girlfriends ipad to play music or use the remote app to remote control her imac and Airplay from it. It has DLNA support which I have used via XBMC and works well. I usually end up using my HTC One to directly connect to it or use Airplay. I highly recommend it, so much that I bought another one for my house and one for each member of my family. 


here is the link on the best buy site. They will match it in store for 14 days, so I learned when I bought one for $99 and then the price dropped again to $79.  I would have attached pictures but I'm in Vegas on business. Hope the holidays treat everyone well.



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