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N36L as a NAS


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I've got an old N36L which was bought for testing but not used for a while. Now I would like to turn it to a NAS and need some advice. The N36L is all standard except for upgrade to 8GB RAM. Plan is to installed Windows Server 2008 R2, for ease of set up, on the original HDD. Then a RAID5 array made up of either 3 or 4 disks - undecided 2TB or 3TB disks.

BIOS - should I flash with the latest HP one released recently or use a modded one? Also when I install the OS should I change SATA mode to RAID in the BIOS or leave as default?

OS - any suggestions on the use of W2008R2?

Drives - any advice? Was looking at WD Green but read issues.

Mods - Any physical mods required? I read all about converting them (such as converting the media drive bay) when I bought the N36L but never did anything.

Anything else need to consider? Thanks!

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I run 2008 (R2 I think) and it is absolutely amazing with N36L. The only reason why i bought Gen8 is I want some more crunching power for certain tasks.


My setup runs no visualizing (but could, using hyper-v) and has software raid-5 using green WD discs. You can run one small virtual without too much hassle, especially if its linux or windows xp/7 style.


Highly recommendable little box that uses zero power, runs NAS and downloads


I used Synology in the past and my experience with them had been very positive performance wise, but nothing reach the versatility and expandability of a true little windows server where you can install anything you like. Once I shifted to Microservers, I never looked back at synology :)



(owns gen8 + n36l)

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