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AdminiMe for WHS update


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We had a big thread on AdminiMe going here for a while. I recall that it wasn't doing so well with some of you. Nick has released an update to the Add-In so it might be worth trying again.
Blog Update
Make sure you uninstall the previous version first!
You can download the latest version here:

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I will give it a try. I was one of the people that had a bunch of trouble with it and found generally unstable of both of my servers. Thanks for the upade.

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I've been running it for several months and I really like it. It gives me some basic functions that allows me to see some of the underlying OS since I have a couple of non-WHS apps running on the server as well including Trend Worry-Free and Subversion. Will definitely check out the update.

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I have been running it since its release and don't have any problems with it.
It has always been running ok, no crashes or anything.
Just installed the update and it seems to work very well, has a couple of nice fixes :-)

Good luck!

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Will try it tonight.

To everyone that has had no problems,

Are you looking for errors in the event Viewer? Are you periodically shutting down or rebooting your systems, or are you running an HP?

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I installed it, and I still get a service failed to start on reboot, like I always get with this add-in on my home build. But the add-in itself works fine.

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@pcdoc - I am not running an HP, instead I have a home build. I frequently use AdminiMe for better storage reporting (replaced Disk Management add-in) and for checking the Event Viewer. I do use it to shut down/restart my WHS, but I do not use the AutoExit add-in for start/shutting down other systems.

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