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Gen8 Kernal_Security_Check_Failure

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I've been seeing Kernal_Security_Check_Failure's on my Gen8


I noticed it in addition to on my 2nd install of S2012R2 I used to Corsair 60GB SSD's in RAID0 as my OS drive -- I assumed the problem related to the SSD's having different FirmWare versions.  

Tried a fresh install (my 3rd) on 2 VR's in RAID0 for my OS dirve for S2012R2 and got the Kernal error during the Windows update which threw me in to a continuous boot loop -- I suspeced then that the problem was that I had only 2GB of RAM so I upgraded the RAM to 16GB 

Tried a Fresh install again (my 4th) on 2 VR's in RAID0 for my OS drive for S2012R2 but now with 16GB of RAM -- and have again gotten the Kernal error twice



I also noticed that starting with the 2nd install I would install the Server Backup function in S2012R2 -- when Server Backup runs I always get a Backup Failed to Compete Message -- the drive cannot find the sector requested -- the failures seem to occur during the volume shadow service portion of the backup


I've run all the Hardware diagnostics on the Gen8 and they all say the HardWare is OK which is leading me to believe the issue/problem is with the drivers possibly the RAID controller?


I've had the MicroServer auto-load all of the suggested drivers

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Awwwwwww, looks like I need the Supplemental Release!


Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's just the B120i RAID controller driver you need - the latest version doesn't work, you need the older one. Let me find out which one i used.

HP update file cp020926 contained the B120i driver which allowed me to get through the installation.

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Do you have a link to that file cp020926 -- It's probably just that it's late but I can't find it

It's included inside the HP 2012R2 supplement file.

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Well, before I updated my install of S2012R2 with cp020926 I thought I would do an install of S2012 -- which did seem to cure my Kernal-Security-Check-Failure but Server Backup still FAILS as before with S2012R2!


Again, every HW diagnostic says things are great.


I'm wondering if it is the B120i driver so I'm wondering if the cp020926 is needed for that also?  Maybe if I had done an install of S2012 in the first place -- before trying S2012R2 ......................

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Have you tried using ESXi as a hypervisor, then running S2012R2? Might be a nice workaround with use in the future.

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