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HP Gen 8 hackintosh server?


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To give you a little background, I'm a N40L user for the past 3 years. I've gone from WHS to Linux to Currently Win8 with my use case being a media HTPC+time machine backup+file server for 1 computer and 2 MacBooks+most recently a plex media server. With the addition of the PMS I now am looking for a more powerful machine to transcode and serve my media while still accomplishing the rest. I love the HP microservers for their compactness, price, HD accessibility, etc. what I would like to do is transition to a OSX-server (almost all my computers are now macs) with more power for transcoding. I've looked into making a hackintosh server but it's impossible to find all the features of the Gen8 in a hand built that doesn't look like a monstrosity.


Has anyone with a gen8 tried a little hackintoshing? Do we know all the controllers (audio, USB, etc) I'm the gen8 to check hackintosh comparability?


Thanks for the help guys!

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I haven't done it on a Microserver, but if you do --I'd recommend experimenting with running OS X Server as a virtual machine.  You may find you have less issues than trying to ensure that certain pieces of hardware will work  directly through OS X itself.


I run  a Snow Leopard VM on my x86 laptop, and that works just fine on VMWare Workstation.  ESXi is free and may help you.


P.S.  If transcoding power is important to you --I'd swap the CPU.  The standard 1610t and 2020t processors have no hyperthreading, no AVX extensions to further speed video encoding, no QuickSync; and no VT-d virtualization, which I'd want for running OS X Server through ESXi.

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