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HP GEN 8 - Booting Freenas from internal MicroSD card


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Hi Guys


As per title really, I'm at the point where I have booted into Freenas from an external USB. Freenas is running and I can browse to the URL from a seperate PC


I'd prefer to boot from the MicroSD card, but I cannot figure out how to do this.


I'm at this screen freenasconsolehighlight.jpg




My best guess is that I need to <9) Shell>  and then copy the Freenas from USB to MicroSD and then adjust the boot order, so that it boots from the MicroSD


Like I say, I don't actually know how to do this, so any help you guys can offer would be great.


I should say that this is my first experience with HP Microserver/Freenas/NAS/ZFS etc......So I'm sure I'll be post more questions later on.....And TBH I dont mind if things actually go wrong, I'm treating all this as a learning experience - when I am cofortable i'll start copying my data onto the HP G8








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