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Media Center Issues Discussed on Podcast 243


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Hey Guys,


Jim and I were discussing Media Center very briefly on episode 243 and I described a problem that I want to share with you guys.  It's a home build Windows 7 Ultimate Media Center.  All hardware details can be found here.




I recently took it offline and installed Windows 7 from scratch in order to increase performance.  I also did this on a new SSD drive.  


I can go to guide and watch channel 8.1 just fine.  If I hit the record button while watching I get a pause and then a blue error screen saying it cannot record this show due to no signal.  It doesn't see signal to record it even though i was watching it as live TV.  Makes no sense.

If I choose a show in the future to record, when the time comes it will try to change to that channel and go to the error and not record the show.

It did this a few times prior to me taking the DVR offline so I thought a refresh would fix it. Nope.  Come to think of it, I put a Ceton Echo in its place and the Echo did this as well.  That makes me think I have a tuner issue somewhere.  At one point I started chasing down tuners and did channel scans on each tuner.  All looked good.  I might dig back into the HD HomeRuns that I'm using.  Something is fishy.

Here is the podcast if you want to listen.



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It does the same thing with the Ceton Echo and the Echo is extended from an entirely different Media Center PC.  I think I'll load up a new MC and try it and then dig in with the tuners.


I wonder if there is a chance that the station has flipped a bit for no recording? It's CBS here in Indy.

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I realize this is pretty old, but maybe this will help.


I've come to realize that the the WMC error message of 'no signal' seems to be a default error message that covers a lot of things. 

I have a HDHR prime, and if I am watching TV over a wifi connection, and the wifi disconnects, instead of saying 'no tuner available' it will say 'no signal'.


Also, when I am watching something and get some pixellation due to poor signal, it will sometimes cut out for a second and show the error message that says "the content porvider does not permit copying of this broadcast' then the picture pops right back in when the signal returns.  This is on a channel that traditionally does not set the copy once broadcast flag, but hey, I have no idea what they're doing behind the scenes.


When I was testing with powerline ethernet adapters (that were giving low bandwidth) I would sometimes get the 'no signal' error, even though the signal to the tuner was the same as it has always been.


At one point during setup of my HDHR, there were some errors people were getting regarding 'multicast' settings in routers, where the routers would cut off the streams from the network tuners.  The issue seemed to go away after a firmware update.  It was awhile ago so I might not be remembering that perfectly.

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Dave, this is an old topic, but in the future if you decide to upgrade drives, instead consider installing the new drive and mirroring the current OS to that drive via Disk Manager. If mirroring to an SSD, you may have to shrink your current volume. Once mirrored, unplug the old drive and remove the broken mirror when you log back into Windows 7.


I do this all the time, works like a charm.

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Great time for an update on this one.  I forgot about the thread!  To answer your SSD mirror, that is a good idea.  I kind of felt I needed to blow it away and re-install just to all the weird things that were happening.


I think the fix was purely signal strength.  I've had antenna issues lately and I could watch this channel without issue. Zero cutouts, no digitization.  Hit the record button and it would go to a blue error screen saying no signal.  Improve the signal, the channel will record.


I've had back luck with OTA antennas.  I've tried several in my attic and none work as well as a Radio Shack set of amplified bunny ears.  RCA amplified antenna, no. Mohu SkyHD antenna, no. Philips 35 mile range amplified, no. Bunny ears with a loop in the middle work great just no where to put it!  I would like to try a channel master or something of higher quality next.

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