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How many Apple products do you have?


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I have one 160gb Ipod Classic for books


One 160gb Ipod Classic for music and podcasts


One 30gb 5th gem Ipod which as you may have noticed I have outgrown.


Which is why I don't own a touch or Ipad....Too small:)

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My wife had a Mac in the 90's for graphic design. Bought a used MacBook last year on eBay for a relative overseas. It came with a bad battery and a pirated copy of Office. Found out it was pirated when it popped up with a message after updating the computer. Both problems were easily fixed.

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Well, I guess I have more than I thought. I don’t like to consider myself an Apple fanboy!! LOL I will never own an Apple computer, but love the media devices.


I have:

iPhone 4 (mine)

iPhone 3GS (gave to my wife when I got the iPhone 4)

iPad (16GB Wi-Fi version)

iPod Nano (5th Generation)

iPod Nano (2nd Generation – wife’s)

iPod Video (30GB – son’s)

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Currently I have an Iphone 3g, but I am looking forward to ditching it in favor of the new Windows Phone 7. I sure am hoping some software will be around to let users connect to WHS in some way, IE strem my music and other chores...


TO the OP.. I think your numbers are off quite a bit on the number of PCs shipped monthly.. Last heard they are moving close to a million a day.. I know that Microsoft has been selling 10 copies of Windows 7 a sec.. and most of them are on new systems...


I also have a 30G ipod which I rarely use and an original Ipod 1st gen, which I keep around for kicks...

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I don't own any apple product but I did buy an iPod classic for my girlfriend, even though I gave her my old zune.


I currently have


1 HP MSS EX 470

1 hp netbook

1 Zotac nettop

1 gateway pc

2 Zunes

2 Xbox360

and many older peices of tech but none of them are apple. Apple's style and price point don't match my style and frugalness.

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I need to update my previous answer as I recently bought an iPod Touch. Which I have to admit is a pretty cool device!

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