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How many Apple products do you have?

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Oh boy... I may get run out of this forum ;-)

1 - iPod Touch
1 - iPhone
1 - Macbook Pro
1 - iMac 27"
1 - Apple Router
1 - older iPod

1 - HP homeserver
1 - Dell Zino
1 - older Dell Server (not Used)
1 - latest and greatest Dell laptop
1 - older tiny 10" Dell laptop
3 - other Dell desktops which are sitting around not used

Obviously, I'm a "Mac" and my wife is a "PC" ;-)

And lets not forget...
1 - 64g 3G iPad ;-)

However, my wife uses the iPhone, and I'm waiting for the EVO4 ;-)

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none,i hate apple.
paying to much fore theire products,and thinking there the best pc factory in the world.

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I own a 5th generation iPod 30 GB, first generation iPhone (I converted into a iTouch), 16GB iPhone 3GS, and a 15 inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz. When I need to use Windows I start parallels 5.0 and run Windows 7. I tell people that I am on the fence and use both Mac and Windows.

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Well, this is interesting. A lot of people here are using both Mac and PC, which kind of goes to my point. I hope you mixed environment folks are talking it up on Vail's feature requests over on Connect.

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Yes I have dvn. I have submitted my vote to add a backup feature to Apple computers.

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I've got none as well for many of the same reasons already mentioned. I actually bought my g/f an 8gb zune before she could taint my home with concentrated evil.

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