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How many Apple products do you have?

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2 X iPhone 3G
1 X ipod nano
2 X ipod

1 HTC Fuze
3 Dell Mini Netbooks
2 Dell 15 inch notebooks
1 Dell PC

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1 1st Gen Touch (Got it free at Oracle OpenWorld 2008)
1 Shuffle (I almost never use anymore, $30 referb)
1 Nano (Wife, she paid for it)
Power Book G4 that I got for free (other wise I would never own one)
Various kids all own an iPod of sorts (I have 5 and one of them does use a 1st Gen Zune!)

And one AWESOME Palm HPre!

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Zip. Zed. Zilch. Zero. I bought an iTouch for my daughter, and she thanked me just about every day for a month. I got to play with it for awhile. I can see why she likes it. But it's overpriced, imo.

I have a Zune HD 16GB. Great for what I need - audio books, podcasts, video clips, music, and HD FM radio.

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No iPad's here. However, both my wife and I have iPod Touch's and both kids have a Nano. Other than that, we are Apple free. BTW, I HATE iTunes!!

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None, zero, nada.

I have no Apple products and with the way the company has been acting in the last few years, I never will.

My next phone will ether be Android or I may continue with Windows Mobile.

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They are more of a hype, a must have for their followers/clan even if it sucks.
Just releasing a new name without a product would result in long rows at apple stores to get a sticker with that name on. lol

It's just too locked in, too expensive, and it gets good credits even if it's bad because Apple Fanboys/girls can't see or hear anything wrong from their God: Steve Jobs...

I have tried out some of their products but I really don't see the WAAAUW factor. Except for the price then!

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1 Ipod Touch
1 Imac
My next phone will iphone 4g

Debating which to get
macbook pro or ipad

With all this apple love i still manage not to forget my windows friends.

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Guest no-control

Currently I don't own any...

I've had:
Apple IIe
Apple Macintosh (yeah that one!)

All of these have left the building. But my son does have a touch and a shuffle. I current'y am using a Moto droid, but will probably get a WP7 when they come out later this year.

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ZERO! Every time I look at them, I find a windows product cheaper to do the same thing. We here in Australia get dudded with price so that may have something to do with it. Having said that, when I converted the Ipad to Aussie dollars it was about the same as its price here although it only gets released this week. (our dollar went down 10 cents against the US recently which is sad cause I buy lots of software online.)

Their touch technology is nice but a bit too pricey, when I can get some other more flexible product. Apple tend to be inflexible, example - they will not support DIVX etc. The ipad was temping however, I have a windows 7 netbook that works very well. (Windows 7 was huge improvement that kept many from fleeing to Apple). However, when I meet someone that is "thick" with pcs I tell them, get a mac!

FYI - the ipod is overrated. IMO.

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