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Mirroring the OS


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The way to check for BMR is to run Windows Server Backup while in a RDP session to your server. In the Windows Server Backup window, look at the bottom-left corner under Scheduled Backup. You should see Bare Metal Restore listed as the first item next to Backup Items:.


I've restored with the D: partition checked and unchecked -- worked fine. What I do not have is anything else checked: i.e. no folders/files on other drives.


BTW, I'm still working on my own config. However, using a BIOS RAID 1, I have BMR of my WHS2011 OS drive working perfectly. My next test will be to try it with a new WHS2011 install and mirror the OS Drive partitions using Disk Manager. I'm not sure, but I think this may be where you're having issues.


Another thing you can try is to use Acronis True Image Home to restore your WHS2011 backup to a spare drive. I did it with mine and it worked. If you don't own it, you can download a trial copy from http://acronis.com.


I'll update when I have more results.

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Ikon, I have checked BMR as above and it is selected. What should I try next?


In relation to Acronis, I have read people having success but I don't really want to go down that route as it kinda defeats the purpose of getting WHS in the first place which was to have one place and system for storage, backups and restore purposes. Does that make sense?

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My thinking with using Acronis TIH  was to do it once, to just get your restore done. Then, mirror 2 drives using the BIOS RAID (like I've done) and use an Acronis Recovery Disk  to clone the recovered drive to the new mirror. From there, back up the mirror set using the DashBoard  and try a restore using the WHS2011 Install DVD.


I hope that chronology is clear :blink: 


BTW, I'm really almost done with mine. I just have to document and post it in a new thread -- it's gonna be a long post....

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