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Findings on installing NC360T to N54L with existing P410 controller.


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I had a few problems when installing a modded N360T to the x1 slot of my N54L.


Before I installed it, I had a P410 in the x16 slot and the RAC in the other slot. I removed the RAC and stuck the N360T in with part of the x4 sawn off to make it fit.


Upon booting, everything went fine until the P410 initialized. It would hang just before the prompts to enter the configuration utility, however surface scanning still carried on.


I thought it was the NC360T causing havoc, but after swapping bits in and out, the card was found to work fine.


After many hours messing around trying to get it to work, I upgraded the firmware on the P140 from v5.14 (I think it was that version) to the latest and it fixed the problem.


I had to use the HP SPP ISO and USB key tool to do this. I only had a 2GB USB stick, and the ISO was over 3GB in size. As the USB key tool was copying, I removed all the CP*.exe files from the /hp/swupdate directory to make sure there was enough space (the SPP requires all the *.scexe files present to progress to the part where you can upgrade, found out the hard way). When finished, I copied the *.sxexe firmware update and md5 files for the P410 to the /hp/swupdate directory on the USB key. Next, I booted from the USB key with the original working hardware configuration and flashed the controller.


Next, I put the NC360T back in and everything worked fine. I also noticed a slight gain in performance from the P410 with the new firmware. v6.something.


I hope this helps anyone if they try the same upgrade or come across similar problems.


vSphere 5.5 works flawlessly with the NC360T. I have it setup as a 802.1d and 802.1q trunk to a GS110TP switch.



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