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HP N54L - Mod-Bios and OS-Question


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Hi Guys,


i buyed an HP ProLiant MicroServer N54L with 3 x WD-RED-2TB Drives (+8GB RAM, KVM-Card, Fortan Fanless PSU, Silent 120mm SystemFAN and a 120GB SSD for the System).


The first thing i am a bit confused is the Bios. I know if i would use the full speed of the ssd on the 5th SATA-Port (normal for an CD-Drive i think)

i need (or should) install the Mod Bios. But which one is the right? There is a new (official?) HP-Bios from 15 Nov 2013 (2013.10.01 (A)).

So what i did till now:


I make a USB-Stick with this Tutroial:



That sould work or better install the HP-Bios from 15 Nov 2013 (2013.10.01 (A)).? :blink:



My next question is which is the right OS for my Needs? In my Homenetwork are 4 Computer, 2 Laptops,
4 Smartphones, 2 Tablets and 2 TVs and a stupid Playstation.

  • Fast NAS-System (Raid 10 or 5 if possible?)
  • Backup/Download/FTP-Server/Web-Server
  • Test environment/Firewall (Router -> Server -> Homenetwork)


I think there are three possible Solutions (i think).


1) I install an WinHomeSRV-2011 (or better a Ubuntu/Debian-Server?) and on it i install an VM-Software for my Test env. etc.?

2) I install an ESXi and on it all Servers as VM's (NAS-Server, Firewall, Webserver etc.)?

3) I install the Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 Core Server an on it all my VM's (NAS-Server, Firewall, Webserver etc.)?


But whats about "Data-Security" is it possible to use an Radi 10 or 5? I think the N54L just had the 1 or 0 Raid-Option?  And whats

about the Network-Speed? I wannt the "fast" Gbit-Nas Performance for my Clients and i am not sure if VM's can bring enough

Speed to my clients. Thanks for your help



Ive :wub:



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I wanted to attempt to answer this but there are simply too many variables, each answer has more questions...


I can think of the following, but someone with more N54L experience may need to correct me.


AFAIK RAID 0,1,10 are available BUT VMWare ESXi does not recognise the RAID controller correctly, in my scenario I had two 250GB in RAID1 (Mirror) and ESXi ignored the RAID and listed them as seperate storage, where would you install ESXi, on the SSD ? that would be good for performance but where is the redundancy and that's not a lot of storage space for ISO's etc.? With 8GB and several hosts you are going to have minimal memory AND from my experience with ESXi on low end machines the biggest bottle neck is drive read/write. - I don't think ESXi is the route to go but it's probably technically possible.


Hyper-V i'm not familiar with but doesn't each virtual client have to be licensed to Microsoft ?


In my scenario I had too many things I wanted to do with this little box but my main requirement was to replace my storage server +- 9TB, so I bought two of them running as a master and a slave with 2008 server and using BTSync to keep the data on the two machines in sync.

I'm going to use my old storage server which already has 64GB as my VM server once I move all my data off.

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