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I've installed the media / streaming pack and streaming has been turned on.


However each time I access the server either via the web or via the My Server application it always looks to download the video file and not stream it.


I do not though that the name chosen for the Media Server is not showing up on the network at all.


So I'm missing something but can't work out what.


Anyone any ideas?

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So far I've tried:

  • My main PC, Windows 8.1 x 64 - same network but not joined to the domain, that was skipped
  • My Surface RT machine - same network
  • My Office PC running Windows 8.1 x 64 - different domain but have used remote web to connect

All of them want to download the media (MKV files).


I do note that on the main PC under network locations only its own Media Server shows up, not that configured on the server.

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Just tried MKV, AVI, WMV all want to download on the PC and RT machines. No streaming.




After a lot of messing around turning sharing on / off from within the dashboard and within the main control panel I've now got it working-ish.


It will work if I click on the server under 'Media Devices' on the main PC** (not from the RT machine), but it will not stream from within the My Server 2012 app.


** - Opens Windows Media Player and the server is under 'Other Libraries'.


Is this what everyone else sees?

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I'll not disagree there but I was hoping. It seems that there is no way to stream to an RT machine which is a pity. Or for that matter to a remote PC which can be accessed via remote connection but is not on the same network. I'm pretty sure that WHS2011 could do this, mind you that was with a static IP address.

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Ah, DLNA streaming. Honestly, I wouldn't know as I use file shares exclusively.

Though I think only the Madsonic fork supports DLNA at all.

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