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Help - TV loses video signal before Win 7 login screen

Joshua B

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Have you come across this?


Between the UEFI bios and Windows 7 launch, my monitor (Panasonic Plasma TV) loses video signal. Luckily it's just an annoyance since it can be triggered back on by switching to another source on my Denon 5.1 receiver then switching back to the original.


I don't think it's a TV, receiver, or HDMI cable problem, since it wasn't happenning before I replaced my HTPC with a new Haswell system:


I'm running the integrated graphics and the latest video drivers from Asus.


Asus H87-Pro LGA 1150 Intel H87

Intel Core i5-4570


Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

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Hmmm, not sure. I can say I have a 60" Bravia connected using HDMI to an Onkyo receiver and an Asus P8-H67-M Pro mobo connected to the Onkyo (also using HDMI) and I don't run into this issue. Can't say it's related, but pcdoc has had a number of issues with Haswell systems.

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