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Drank the Synology koolaid, own a DS414


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Rich O'Neil lives and dies by Acronis True Image for back up.  He has told me several times that he prefers it over WHS.  Did you try that one yet BSR? 

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Not yet, Jim, but I bought a copy a couple of weeks ago (when Newegg was having a sale) so it's on the list to try....I might get to that one between Christmas and New Years.


I used to use Acronis years ago and remember liking it, but some of the reviews (mostly on Amazon) for the new version sort of scare me. 


I'll give it a fair try though, and let you know how it goes.


Cheers and have a great holiday!

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Acronis is purportedly a great product, but for some reason it's

interface makes it a bit harder than it should be. Rich however is

much more tech literate than me, so trust in his opinion.


@BSR I was in your area Friday through Monday visiting relatives.

Weather was rainy but went to Union Station and the Arboretum.

Nice places.

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And you didn't call or txt me to let me know you were in town???  So much for holiday cheer!  I thought this HSS community was a FAMILY!  :angry:


...jk...yeah there's a lot to do here!  Next time you're in the area let me know (if you have time) and I'm always up for a pint somewhere.  And somewhere would probably be close to wherever you're staying.  St Louis has a pretty vibrant micro-brew community, and there are breweries and brew-pubs everywhere.  Besides, I'm only 17% through my goal of trying everything local at least once.


Cheers, and I hope your Christmas is going well!

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