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N54L 3 x diff WD 3TB

Nicholas James

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I just bought 2 N54L's and at this point there are a few options on how I am going to use them.


The first one I want to use as a RAID 0 with 3 x 3TB drives and the OS on the 250GB that it comes with, I set the controller to RAID and created one drive in the BIOS which was +- 8.5TB, booted into 2008 server which showed the single drive and created one GPT partition, all good no problems.


I decided to let it do a full format instead of a quick format (is this a bad idea for such a large non physical partition?) which took around 8 hours, it finished, I checked that the drive was visible and did a reboot. After logging in to Windows the drive was gone from my computer and storage now showed 3 x physical 3TB drives with no partitions ? Reboot again, same thing.


I had to leave for work so I couldn't investigate further, the one 3TB is a Green drive and the other two are the same model if I remember correctly, I saw a comment somewhere that the WD Green drives are not compatible with the MicroServers, could this be the problem ?


I'll add the exact drive models as soon as I can but would like to know if anyone has any ideas on this, the box is 100% standard with the 2GB memory and 250GB SATA HDD shipped with it.

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Are you using the RAID function that is built into the N54L or a RAID controller card?

If it is the built in RAID, have you loaded the proper drivers?

WD Green drives are compatible with MicroServers. Occasionally, Green drives have issues with some RAID controllers.

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Hmmm the reply I posted last week has vanished....


In a nutshell, re-created array and did a quick format, everything has been working fine since. When I setup the second machine I am going to do the exact same full format and see if it fails, I've had issues with full formatting very large partitions before.

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