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The inner workings of a VPN


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Well that's really odd ikon because that setup really shouldn't be able to work! How can the PC on 1.33 see 1.15 as actually being across the VPN?


Unless of course you were doing something extremely clever with subnet masks, for example if the mask on both sides were then would actually be on a different subnet to But then the gateway addresses would be wrong for at least one of the sides so it still couldn't work.


Alternatively I suppose you could have a set of routing tables but then it would easily turn into a bit of a mess. is a private address and hence not routable so I guess you must have been using separate modems and routers on each side with 172.16.x.y being the next hop address on each router.



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How can the PC on 1.33 see 1.15 as actually being across the VPN?


"In the example, computer sees computer as having IP"


There is one area I may be fuzzy on (because it's been a number of years, and I set up both Internet based and wireless backhaul based VPNs); that is, it might be that the Internet based ones had actual routable IPs at each end of the inside of the tunnel (i.e. instead of 172.16 IP's). But, other than that, it worked. It took me quite a while to wrap my brain around the concepts when I was setting up the 1st one, I can tell you that.

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