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Microserver Gen8 mainboard connectors and jumpers


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For the many of us with curious minds, I thought I'd open a thread on the HP Microserver Gen8 mainboard and see if we could find more information on a number of its lesser-known workings.


This weekend, as part of my ongoing Gen8 build process, I upgraded the processor (Xeon E3 1265L-v2).  In the process, I noticed a number of connectors and jumpers on the mainboard.  As I always like to know what function such things accomplish, I started to search.


So far, the only connector I have been able to identify is the TPM connector which fits HP's Gen8 Trusted Platform Module, available online for about $45-50; you'll want it if you work with Windows Bitlocker or  a few other things. The jumpers (one set in front of, and a single one to the side of the chipset heatsink, and another near the processor heatsink) don't show up in HP's User Guide or Maintenance Guide for the Gen8 Microserver.  In addition, there are some connectors that go unused; notably, there is a press-fit connector near the DIMM sockets towards the rear, and some empty pin connectors near the PCIe slot.


I thought it might be good to come up with a thread where, should we find out or if someone knowledgable already knows about them, we can post our findings.  I plan to take a good quality picture of my server's mainboard, and post it with the relevant references.  It may also be that some of these options are present in other Gen8 servers and are documented, and more may be able to be found out there.

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