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HP Microserver Gen8 Processor FAQ


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Charoit, refer to this note in the FAQ.


"--Xeon E3 v3 (Haswell) processors are a different architecture with a different socket (Socket 1150) and are *not* supported."

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The E3-1260L is a 45W TDP that was first reported used by Therealjmc (check the Gen8 Links Page for a link to his first reporting -- there's also a table linked to from that page that shows all the reported CPU's that are running in the Gen8 and their TDP's)


You'll want to set your BIOS cooling at "Increased Cooling" -- I don't think 45W TDP is cooled well under heavy load at the lower "Optimal Cooling" setting


If you were planning to use it as an HTPC sometime in the future and very low noise is paramount to you then the E3-1220L at 20W TDP that Schoondoggy first reported using would be a better alternative, IMHO, and would/should work well (or at least better) at the "Optimal Cooling" setting (check the chart)  -- also check the temps that PsiKey and other's are getting with the 1.32 firmware http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6032-g8-microserver-be-aware-of-fan-issue-add-in-cards/?p=76151 

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Wonderful thanks for the info. I will be using it in a HTPC scenario but I may turn off the turbo to keep the temps down. I am going to go to the effort of lapping my heatsink as John did as this probably will aid the temperatures. I'm going to just use the optimal setting as the box lives right beside my sofa. But I think with top quality paste , lapping and the turbo off I should be ok. Otherwise I may upgrade to one of the Dell heatsinks floating around that look to have the right hole dimensions and clearance. I think these can cope with 130w TDP when well ventilated. I figure 8 2.4 threads can easily transcode 2x 1080p movies at once and this is probably the most load I will experience. Also I've seen this and have a sneaking suspicion that the hole dimensions are perfect.

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