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HP Microserver Gen8 Processor FAQ

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52 minutes ago, Indrek said:


Well then it's simply not fast enough. As a rough calculation, 4K has 4 times as many pixels as FHD (3840x2160 vs. 1920x1080), so all other things being equal you would need a CPU with a Passmark score of roughly 4 x 2000 = 8000 to transcode. Of course it can vary based on the actual bitrate, codec and other things like the audio track, but it looks like the i5-3470T will still fall far short.


Why are you transcoding 4K anyway? Is it because you need to burn subtitles into the video? Consider upgrading whatever you're using to stream from your Plex server to something that supports Direct Play for your video files. Or are you downscaling for smaller screens (e.g.  occasionally watching on a phone or tablet)? Consider storing multiple versions of each video so devices with smaller screens can automatically play the lower-res version.

You also make good points, Plex has a built-in 'Media Optimizer' that will help create different versions of the same media. A demo of how it works can be found here

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