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Icinga or nagios, maybe munin ?


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Hi all, since I'm using ,ore and more VMs on my ESX server I thought about some monitoring.

I like to have one summary page showing me all the status details for the running VMs like low disk space, high cpu util or even hardware issues with the esx server, like a faulty disk in the hardware RAID.

Anybody made some experience with Nagios or Icinga, the boxes Im going to to monitor are Linux and windows devices....

For the moment the focus is on alerting, not monitoring, but munin looks promising as well

Anybody using one of the three products, any recommendation ?

Thanks in advance 

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I know, but im looking for something which displays summaries or groups via an http server so I can check details via a smartphone.


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I run Pfsense, plus a server for video surveillance, whs2011 for backups, a machine for recordings and some more unix and windows VMs for testing..

But I don't like to install it on pfsense, have enough resources for another dedicated vm...

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