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N36 running on 1 core


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Spotted something odd this evening. My N36 runs macos 10.6  well enought to be a server in a 70:30 mac to windows house. It's been absolutely fine for as long as ive had it - must be a year or 2 now. I noticed on activity monitor that one core was maxed and the other completely idle.


Is it possible for a processor or logic board to go faulty in this way? 


If it is I'd appreciate some suggestions as to best way to isolate and maybe fix the problem.


The server is still running, just a bit slower than normal!


I'll have access to an N40 next weekend  as well but that's running windows 8 (still waiting for the NIC driver update)

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I am not a MAC guy, but I think there is a issue with AMD CPU's;


Looks like there is a AMD patch;



I have never seen a core die in a CPU.

You're right schoondoggy it was tough to get it working, but there's a thread over on insanely mac where someone helped by scripting the steps he took on his microserver.


I followed that post way back and after a few problems I got it stable. it's been great ever since - often going acouple of months between reboots. But I think I've broken something in the hack in the last day or 2 - now that you pointed me to the links, I remember that the boot process looks a bit different from how it used to.


I now have the choice of trying to fix the snow leopard hack or trying the lion process on one of the pages you linked to.


Have a feeling lion is more demanding of hardware so might be best sticking with SL.


Will take a look at the weekend and see how I get on. 


Thanks for the quick reply - appreciated. Was contemplating processor replacements and boot drive swaps before I read it!

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Ok good news - after some playing around I fixed it with a reload of chameleon 2.0 rc820. Both cores now running and the boot process back to how it was.


Just need the NIC drivers for win 8.1 to 'fix' my n40 and it'll all be good


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