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Replacement Notebook Screen


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So this afternoon I received a text from a relative of my wife. Her cousin, who I will call M so as not to embarrass Matt,

has been married to the nicest young woman for two years now. His wife L, said that M in his desire to be a good

newlywed husband was doing laundry before she arrived home this afternoon. The problem was M decided it was

reasonable to place the basket full of laundry on top of her 4 month old notebook. The picture she sent me illustrated

a notebook with the left 20% of the screen now being completely blank.  So we, as more seasoned husbands know what

it is like to be in the doghouse despite our best intentions have a responsibility, nay a duty to help M. 


Is there a good source for replacement screens for a Dell Inspiron N5110? I have seen many on E-Bay, but I would

rather have them purchase from a known reputable dealer.

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Where did she buy it?

She may have gotten a replacement plan as part of a package, check the receipt and the store policies.

When I have replaced these, I take them apart to determine the actual part number of the LCD and then shop for that part number.

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Her parents bought it for her, but I will ask. We are traveling up there at Thanksgiving so if need be I will 

disassemble and get the part number then. I sent a link about a possible supplier, that also included a

how-to video. Maybe her husband can disassemble and get the part number? Thanks again.

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