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HIPPA Compliant Storage


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Part of my job involves medical research in addition to my usual clinical duties.

I am asking on behalf of one of our satellite offices.


I would estimate they have only a few GB's per user, maybe 8 users in total,

for all their data. They aren't presently using any offsite backup despite

my insistence.


I see that Carbonite is HIIPPA compliant, any other suggestions?

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Just having encrypted drives is not going to make you HIPPA compliant. I know there are protocols and standard in place to certify you are compliant.

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Do you have space for them to back up to the main clinic?

 schoondoggy you silly, silly  man. That would make too much sense. The place I work at never ceases to amaze me

in many ways, especially I.T. The regular clinics fall under one company, but the research offices all act as separate

entities. They do share the MD's and me as the sole Physician Assistant.


I have at least convinced the aforementioned research office to use Office 365 and quit using Office 2003. I will speak

yet again with the lead at that office and repeat that a 3-2-1 backup strategy is tantamount. Given the laptop with 

the sole copy of many documents was struck with some form of malware which corrupted their external drive backup.


It changed the documents folders redirect under their documents libraries. Interesting that when you click the documents

shortcut you get an error, but when you navigate through c-users-documents so forth they were there and functional, but

the average user may not have realize that. 


I told the notebook user over and over. Get your now salvaged files off of that laptop, wipe and reinstall. I will see tomorrow 

if the decided to listen.  This is obviously an example of a very small business being penny wise and dollar foolish.

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I knew it was a wacky idea!

One of my friends wife is a dentist at a clinic that has grown by acquring other dental practices. 

It is a document imaging nightmare! They email x-ray's from dentist to dentist.

As was stated above, HIPAA is a set of rules, each medical practice needs to decide how they will comply with HIPAA. You cant buy HIPAA compliance, but for the amount of data you are dealing with and the current state of affairs Carbonite may be a safe bet to at least get things backed up.

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Not sure if they scale down to small clinics, but SoftLayer has a very good HIPAA practice.

We have been working with them a lot since they were acquired by IBM.


Also, I need to amend my statement above. You can buy HIPAA compliance. HIPAA is all the HIPAA group at Softlayer does. We are seeing a shift in the market. Instead of each medical clinic, healthcare provider, trying to figure out HIPAA, many cloud providers are becoming a center of knowledge. 

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Yeah schoondoggy; even in Canada we're seeing TV ads by companies offering HIPPA compliance support to US companies. Not sure why they bother having the ads run here.....

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