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I think this whole thread is a case in point for testing backups.  Not pointing fingers but a backup that is not tested is worthless.

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The only thing I can summarize is that you did some customization on the backup schedules causing this to happen.

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I did not any customization for the backup schedule.

In my opinion something went wrong and the info on the external directory somehow was corrupted.

Is it possible to read the external backups without using the windows Server?

Especially the older backups? and how? the disk is a VHD drive, is windows 7 will be able to read all the file new and old?

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I am not sure which screenshot you asking any way here is one think meets your question.

I have reach the maximum upload. I can not upload any more pictures.



Screen 1.png

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Open Windows Server Backup under Administrative Tools. Under destination usage select view details. What is the oldest backup listed? Unfortunately you can't mount the VHD Drive file after the second backup or later. I've been able to mount it after the first backup.

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