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Podcast 91, what do you think ?


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Hello again,

There is a WHS Outlook addin update. What do you think ?

Do you use Sharepoint ? Is it installed on your server ?

Ian Dixon is setting up the MCE/WHS user group scheduled for June 12 in Burningham UK.

Touched on Windows Embedded Standard 7. Would you rather have Media Center part of Vail and add an extender ? Or would you rather pay a few bucks more and get a WES7 settop box to connect to your server ?

What about a SSD drive as your system drive ? How would you implement it into WHS or Vail ?

How is your Vail testing going ?


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As far as I am concerned, anyone above 400 posts is just posting a lot of garbage. ; )

Another great show guys. Thanks for the quality discussions.

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I had the same issue with the connector software as you did Jim.
The only way that I could resolve the issue was to completly flatten my PC and rebuild it.
The windows 7 sytem restore would crash and eror out.


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First, I installed Vail on my EX495. No problems getting remote access set up. John 'Diehard' Zajdler was able to easily connect and stream some music, pretty much instantly. Very nice. I didn't check out much of anything else because I wanted my server back, so that's about all I can vouch for on that.

The 2nd time I installed Vail on my new i3 system. I was not able to get remote access set up. I've went as far as to manually set up port forwarding, but no-go. So, I attempted to backup my main PC running Windows 7 64-bit, but that failed as well. Are we having fun yet? Ha! And, I also had a problem similar to Jim's. After I ran the connector software, I lost internet connection on my PC. I got it back, however, by power-cycling the router, then disabling/enabling my PC's network adapter.

I'll run the connector software on XP Pro 32-bit because I really want to play around with archiving a PC backup and then see if I can do a restore from that. Fingers crossed...

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