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3.5" floppy power connector in Gen8? are you kidding?


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Has anyone found it a little absurd that the Gen8 Microserver has a floppy power connector in the top bay? I can't even find an adapter to SATA for this, I'll have to adapt to 5.25" Molex and THEN to SATA.


Maybe I'm missing something but this seems like a poor choice in an otherwise great piece of hardware.

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The kit that HP includes with their DVD has the correct end on it, 484355-006.



This is a popular adapter for putting a SSD in the ODD bay.


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Its probably not intended for running anything other than the official optical drive.


I agree though, it seems a bit silly!


My own (possibly limited) view is that the ODD is a bit backdated anyway.


Looking this forum and a couple of others, just about everybody wants to squeeze a SSD up top.


Perhaps they should fit the G9 with an msata port+mount for an OS drive instead? It makes perfect sense due to the lack of space.


They might also be able to rejig the internals (and PSU location) to fit a 5th drive bay.

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SchoonDoggy, thanks for the Ebay link.  Those adapters are hard to find; I had searched all over.


Scruffters, I agree on the mSATA option.  That'd be huge.  While the micro-SDHC slot on the Gen8 is pretty cool, it's not the ideal setup for what I want to do (though I get its great purpose for those running ESXi).


I know ODDs are a little antiquated.  However, I still have uses for them.  I like SchoonDoggy's work in progress on a 2.5" HDD rack for the Microserver.  I think HP should look into this for at least one 2.5" SSD in the side; it would allow one to reserve the front 4 drive bays solely for RAID separate from the OS.

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One of the other images on that ebay page shows that it's definitely a female connector. Also, it's more expensive than the first link. Why would you pay more? Is the shipping cost that much different?

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