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So I have a desktop running Windows 7 and I am trying to clone it over to a HP ProLiant Microserver N54l. I can clone the drive fine but I keep having issues with the OS crashing.


It's on a 250GB SATA but I am trying to move it over to a 120GB SSD. I can clone the drive fine(have just about every disk clone app installed and boot disk like Acronis, EaseUS Advanced Server) and I just can't seem to get Windows 7 to boot up on the new server. If I install from scratch it runs fine.


Do I need to download the drivers and install them first? Or do I install Windows 7 on the new machine first then copy the drivers folder over to the other disk so it will boot up correctly?





Help? :)

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You do need the correct MicroServer drivers on the drive before you clone it, to get it to boot.

What Drivers? I checked this page:



  • I assume I can use the 2008 or 2012 ones for Windows 7?
  • Do I just install them and then shutdown and clone?

Which port is the SSD drive connected to?

I am using the first 2.

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As Win 7 is not a supported OS on the N54L I would go to the AMD website and get the chipset drivers from there for Win7.



So this chipset right? AMD RS785E/SB820M chipset



Where do I find the drivers? Are they compiled in with Integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics? When I follow drivers page I get the graphics driver page.

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Is there a trick to get the AMD drivers/InstallManager to install and run? Win7x64 here and it crashes(on the old box getting the drivers preinstalled) :(


There a way to pull the error log?

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