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HP MS G8 with HP P222-P212-P420 iLo and Health LED


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I have had a few questions around the MS G8, HP RAID cards and iLo.

Here is the testing I did today;

HP P222 (HP supported RAID controller) in MS G8 with four drive RAID 5. Both B120i and P222 are visible in iLo. Pulled a drive to simulate a failure. iLo recognized failure and the Health LED started flashing amber. Re-inserted drive, iLo reported rebuilding. Health LED flashed amber until array was rebuilt.

Same steps with HP P212. Not recongnized by iLo. No reporting or Health LED. P212 worked fine and recovered properly.

Sames steps with HP P420. Although the P420 is not on the HP support list for the MS G8 it is in the same family as the P222. The P420 worked just like the P222. iLo recognized it. Reporting worked properly and Health LED worked.

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Good to know.


Sadly, the P222 and P420, even at Ebay prices, are more than my budget's going to handle.  I really hope they work out P212/P410 support.  I'm going to end up staying with my P410, though I'm sure the CPU on the P222/P420 is probably a little faster, and though the P222 would make a perfect choice for connecting a backup drive at high speed.


If I keep my RAID-0 boot array, I'll probably run it off the B120i what with the Gen8 allowing simultaneous operation.

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Schoondoggie, this is really helpful stuff. Thanks for posting here :)



Now I'm thinking about it I'm guessing iLO also emails a report regarding the status of the array? (providing you have at least essentials)


It seems to me that there is a duplication of array management tools HP put at our disposal.


In fact I'm in favor of purchasing an iLO license because it functions entierly indipendant of the OS. Being a Linux user this is pretty handy as most of the HP tools are only roughly ported for my distro anyway!


So more than happy to use the array management CLI for setup, and build my own drivers. However if iLO is really able to manage everything else, theb that is such an asset to me.


One thing that occours to me is that HP's documentation could be a little clearer. Its quite hard to find all of this informationn without somebody like your kind self giving us some feedback on his setup.


In many ways, even if Areca/LSI cards are likely to perform a little better, I'd go with a p222 and microserver simply because its a tightly intergrated budle.. and lets face it, the p222 won't be a slouch at all.


If it works how I hope it does, HP have really done their homework :)

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Ah it says email also comes as part of essentials too. Not to be contrary, just not planning on going advanced unless I absolutely positively have to.


Would be awesome to know what you think of it when its up and running.

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LOL, I'm really not trying to raz you scufflers, but you did give me a good chuckle. The thought of a Linux user complaining about a lack of documentation is pretty amusing. :D

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haha, raz away.. nothing like a bit of banter ;)


I guess when it comes to hardware I just like to know what I'm getting.


With software you can play about, bust it, hack around with it, look at the source (at least usually with Linux).


Perhaps I'm just new to HP and the way they hide what you want to know across 2-3 documents/manuals. This site is a good resource though and schoon' seems to know his stuff too  :P

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