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Changing shares layout, not being reflected by WHS Media Sharing


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Ive scratched my head with this for a while, and done more than my fair share of google searches on this, so I hope someone here can help.

I have an EX490, streaming media to a PS3 and an LG bluray player than can stream from WHS (BD390 if your interested)

When I first setup the EX490, I put all the folders containing my TV shows into the "Videos" share, and made a new share for movies, called "Movies". I added the new share in Twonky, however the PS3 was having issues with it. My torrent program dumps unwatched TV shows straight into the \Videos folder. So I had

\Videos <-unwatched in there
\Videos\Show 1
\Videos\Show 2 etc

Because I can't tell WHS to use media sharing with any other share apart from videos. I moved the folders to be like this
\Videos <-still unwatched in there
\Videos\TV Shows
\Videos\TV Shows\Show 1 etc

Now, when I use the PS3 or the LG and connect to the media sharing service, and goto folder view, only some of the TV shows have moved to the new subfolder. Normal shares show it ok, and Twonky shows it ok on the LG player.

Does WHS media sharing take time to notice things have moved?
If so, why is it that the folders that do show correctly showed correctly within 1 day, however it's been 3 weeks since I moved them, and it's still now showing.

Is there any way to "force refresh" this?

I hope this explains my problem.....

Thanks in advance

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Guest no-control

Sorry I'm not quite following what the issue is. Are you stating that after restructuring the shares the extenders menus aren't updating to the new folder structure?

Tried to Stop & Restart the streaming service on the server?
Have you rebooted the server after you restructured the shares?
Is it possibly a caching issue in the PS3 or LG?
Do the files play even though the path is incorrect?

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It's Twonky that will update it's database so you can see the streaming content. So as no-control writes, restart the streaming service. Go into the Console, select the HP Tab, Media Server on the left, then on the right, click Stop Sharing. Wait till it shows it stopped, then start it again. It should then start indexing the files again and you can see the progress.

You can also select the Configure Media server (Twonky) to add folders that you want to include for streaming. If the folder is a sub folder of a folder you are already sharing, you do not need to include it.

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Can't believe I didn't restart the server....all fixed now....*facepalm*

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