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Problems running Drive Balancer


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I have Acer H340 with 4x1TB (all same model/size). I have been having problems with high HD activity on my WHS and very slow access to my PC .. so I decided to run the balancer over night. Used space on each drive prior to balance .. 0/40%, 1/85%, 2/69%, 3/65%. These where much higher before I off loaded a bunch of data/files. Each drive was in the red before the offload. This morning the messages shown (in the command window) had 3 drives at 97% done and disk0 was 34%. The messages showed zero activity and the balancer was turning off/on the drive migrator ... I ctrl-C the process and the command window disappeared. The balancer info said that if the process was cancelled c:\fake & D:\fs\*\fake directories should be deleted. I was very leery about deleting anything .. so I went forward cautiously. I deleted the C:\fake directory as it had a bunch of files with names that made no sense to me. The D:\FS directory had 3 sub-directories within it 'O', 'U' & 'W'. Looking at my shares, it appeared all the files where there ... I would learn later, that the file explorer showed the files (with dates & sizes), but these files where not complete files. I started by deleted the same sub-folder in each of the O/U/W folders and could see the files still in the shares .. I assumed all was ok, so I started to delete the files in the 'O' & 'U' subfolders ... then I decided to see if the files in shares where still ok ... surprise .. the files in the shares would not open. I copied them to a USB drive and tried to open on my PC .. no go. I then looked on the server storage on the WHS console and virtually everything is gone. I was able to figure out that the 'W' subfolder contains most of my files and they appear to still work (I opened a few and they worked). I am now copying as many files as I can off the WHS on to an external drive. I tried a eSata drive, but it didn't recognize it, so I am using USB 2.0 .. very slow.

After all that ... I figure that the O/U/W subfolders are not part of the DE and are not replicated. I have managed to get a fair bit off loaded from the W subfolder, but there are still some critical stuff that must have been in the other subfolders. I have turned off the demigrator right from the beginning and I have not written anything to the disks .. so I figure I should have a good shot at doing some form of recovery. Can you suggest a method/tool to do so ??

BTW .. I thank you in advance for all your help !!!

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I have said this at WGS also.


You'll want to run data recovery on the drives, and restore to a drive that is not in the pool (not D:\ and not any of the "drives" mapped to C:\FS\).

Once you've recovered the data, copy it to the shared folders, or to the correct locations in d:\shares\.


And those folders in C:\FS\ are part of the Drive Extender pool. Specifically, this is how WHS keeps access to the disks, and you shouldn't mess with them. 

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As Drashna indicates, it's dangerous to mess with DeMigrator.


I have an important question: where is your backup, particularly your OffSite backup? Do you not have a backup strategy in place? If not, then you are flirting with disaster, and I guarantee you will get burned badly one day. If you don't have a strategy, you should search these forums for info about 3-2-1 backup.

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When drives are almost full you will get slower access to your data and I will second, WHS is designed to use the pool, you can use your server any way you want, but if your not going to use the pool, go with a server with server 2003 on it and set it up the way you want to.

Using WHS and the pool, just add bigger drives so your data can move around eaiser.

I am a anti-cloud er but I use non-pooled drives as backups, I almost lost my data before I had backups, it's a very sick feeling.


WHS and the pool works if you let it. Let it balance it and give it bigger drives when it needs them and enjoy setting back and knowing your data is safe.

I'm sorry to say, but it sounds like your working way to hard and it's going to byte you at some point and I wouldn't wish that on anybody.


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