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WHS hard disk crash. How can I know the list of files in?


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Hello everyone.

I have this problem:
I have a NAS with a WHS (first version) installed on a Acer 500 with 4 2TB hdds and no raid (my choice...)
and everything is backuped up on external hdds.
One of the hdd crashed so I need to replace it with a new one.

If I do the remove procedure, will the system let me know which files I am going to lose removing the crashed hdd, generate a report or something similar, so I can replace them with the backup copies?

If not, is there a software that can browse the NAS before I remove the crashed hdd and check what files are in that one so I can replace them after I remove it?

I ask this because when I open the WHS Console I got these messages:
Shared Folders Status = Failing (check health)
Network Status = Critical --> Storage Status = Failed (the crashed hdd) --> There are conflicts
when I open the details of "There are conflicts" message I see the files once stored on the crashed hdd, but the window shows only the first 20 files, so I cannot see all of them. How can I get a full list?

I hope this make sense to you (when re-reading I was a bit confused myself... LOL), if not please ask and I will try to be clear.

Thanks in advance.

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Drashna, when you Remove a drive in v1, doesn't it automatically try to move all the data to the other drives, and warn you if there isn't room?

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Ah. That's where I would run SpinRite. Assuming the drive hasn't deteriorated to the point where it's not longer even detected by the system, there's a pretty fair chance SR could get it revived top the point where WHS would detect it again and let you do a proper remove.

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mine wasn't even dected neither by the whs or anything else.

my fault, when the problem started I should have acted, not waited...

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  • 2 weeks later...

the drive was not seen at all, so I just threw it in the garbagecan and bought a new one

I just finished putting all the old stuff in from my backup drives manually, so I am now thinking a way to keep both the stuff on the server and the stuff on my backup drives synchronized

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