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Web Cam On An HP EX-470


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Has anyone played around with adding a web cam to their HP EX-470 WHS? I would like to add a good high quality PTZ camera to the WHS and have it linked to the web page.

For starters I have a cheap USB camera and I installed the WebCam Viewer by Daniel Buschke. It works okay but can only be viewed through the connector software. Now the challenge is to get it to work with Whiist (or some other software)if that is even possible.

The final goal would be to be able to stream the web cam through the browser connection and then I would upgrade to a much better quality camera and software.

Thoughts and ideas?

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A little security and a little live feed to keep an eye on things. Great to see two feet of snow on the drive while sitting on the beach in 80+ degree weather with a cold on in hand.

May even look into adding a Davis weather station to the server for something to play with. Not into the TV/streaming video/media center thing (yet) so I want to use the servere for something other than a backup/storage device.

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