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Guest reknaw155

Ok, I am new at MCSE, etc - I had a HP MS but it's red lighing and needs RMAing IMO.  I was thinking of building one insted.  I have atm many components (most are friends)


I have my laptop and sisters win8

I have a gaming htpc in a lc20 SS case 16GB ram 8core amd 4ghz and 6900 series gpu (needs better cooling) this has 1 ssd drive

my sister wants a gaming tower

So anyway I was thinking either


my sisters old rigs parts and let her up to higher spec or theres a striker II formula ,mobo and quad CPU (mates) here.  I was thinking of a A300 CPU and mobo bundle and putting my 16gb ram in and htpc can use 8GB?


I would like a small case but fulfilled with hdd's.  I've a few cases ATX and a COSMOS atm - yeah COSMOS 2 :D


torrents, usenet, routing? but file serving ideally and using ipcam software. So ubuntu seeems smart or Win 8 Server?  I would run XBMC, PLEX etc  I have alot of hdd's6-7.

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... YOu could get an HP MicroServer, Gen 8 box. :)


And it really depends on what you want out of the server.  If you're going to be doing a lot of CPU intensive stuff, that system sounds like a great idea. At the very least, it will be worth it for transcoding, and unpacking RARs for usenet. 


Personally, I'm using Server 2012 Essentials, and am very happy. It does torrent and usenet downloading, file sharing, web access (and subsonic), MySQL for syncing XBMC's libraries (as well as running a couple of websites ( https://drashna.net/blog/ ) as well as runs Blue Iris (webcam software). But you could do all of that with Windows 8 as well.

And if you're more familiar with Windows, that's what I'd recommend sticking with. If you're not familar with linux at all, "out of the frying pan and into the fire" may pretty much describe that adventure...


And if you do go with Windows, then I'd recommend StableBit DrivePool (or drive bender or poolHD) for "pooling" the drives and StableBit Scanner (for monitoring their health). There *is* a chance I may be biased about that though.

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