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Ladies and gents


Word of advice before u do anything besides unboxing your micro server


Plug in power

Plug in keyboard

Plug in mouse

Plug in monitor

Plug in network cable


Boot it up and press f10 and update your firmware of your micro server and this will

Most prob fix a lot of problems.


As this I did not do and had continuous red screens


But updating my firmware for ilo and the gen 8 micro server did the trick


Just want to save some tears ,some anger , some feelings of frustrations

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Ok so, I know this is an old topic but I found the link in the "big link thread"


I start my Gen8 up, it gets to about 70% on the initial progress thing and then the screen goes black - it souns like it's doing something for a few minutes more and then beeps fast 2-3 times and reems to 'restart'? but nothing is visible on the VGA output, just blackness - although it *is* outputting.


I've been spamming F10 at every point of the startup to maybe bring up some update menu to no avail.


And where do I get the updated BIOS files? And what is the update procedure?


Thanks in advance,


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